CALM Malaysia

Cargo & Logistics Management Malaysia, also known as CALM MY has been established as a subsidiary of CALM  Australia in 2005. Part of being a "one-stop shop" as Freight/Logistics Service Provider the main focus is on providing Logistics requirements according to individual exporter and importer's needs. In addition to general freight CALM MY are also well-versed in other areas of Project transportation and industrial relocations, auction logistics to name a few. At CALM MY we have industry professionals who commits to customer service, using the resources of an elite global network, CALM MY is able to take complete control of every little detail to make the shipment an absolutely hassle free experenice anywhere around the globe whether it be by Sea, Road or Air.


We handle international air shipments over 100,000 tonnes annually through our Global Network hub. In order to get this done efficiently, you need to have powerful partnership with affiliates worldwide to serve your every logistics needs and this is precisely what we offer. We work with various airline / carriers to get the best deal available for our customers. We organize our customer?s delivery internally which gives us the complete control of the shipment from origin to destination. This ensures no unnecessary middle cost and hassle.

Our specialised, industry-focused approach will make certain your air cargo travels the safest, speediest and most cost-effective way possible. We have designed our air freight to meet all the challenges that our customers encounter in this fast moving, dynamic world. Discuss with us on your requirements and let us do the thinking on how to move your air cargo cost effectively and efficiently.


We handle project logistics and we customize for individual contracts be it for customers involved in construction as project owners, contractors or suppliers. To satisfy each customer on project is a difficult and complex process. Our skilled and professional team uses all their creativity and skills from their long standing experience in the industry. We skillfully plan, consult, prepare and execute an integrated approach to ensure we meet the customers? schedule and requirements regardless of where the components originate. It could be from one country or accumulated from across the globe.


Our service: we offer very high & flexible services through our partnerships with leading shipping liners. These established relationship guarantees the ability to adapt to the growing seafreight trade in terms of volume quickly and efficiently. The main reason for our high position in the industry lies in our experience, expertise and global support.

We handle more than 5000 teus per annum globally and all this with the right partnership to offer the best solution to our customers?. We will be able to meet all your requirements regardless of the size of your business or your location. We provide integrated solutions to satisfy your door to door supply chain requirements.

We offer industry specific expertise in the following:

  • Automotive
  • Reefer / Perishables
  • Oil and Gas Logistics
  • Project Logistics
  • Palm Oil in Flexitank & Breakbulk

    Our long experience and expertise in all areas of logistics and supply chain gives us an edge to build the confidence in our customers?. Our Customer service provides on-site desk and customer response activities 24/7. This gives us an edge above the rest.



    Tel:+603 7803 6693, 7803 6671, 7803 6672, 7803 6673
    Fax:+603 7803 6678